Google has brought back the popular Google Doodle game in lockdown

The whole life world has been infected by corona virus. Lock down is going on across the country to save from Corona has brought back its popular old game to encourage everyone to stay home in this situation.

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On Monday, Google brought back their 2016 game 'Coding for Quarts'. The doodle was created three years ago to mark the 50th anniversary of the children's coding language 'Logo'. The Google Doodle game is accompanied by the tagline 'Stay and Play at Home'. Play sports from home. Everyone has been asked to stay at home to prevent the transmission of corona virus through this tagline.

Google has released this game to mark the 50th anniversary of kid coding. So those who have become obsessed with staying at home under house arrest can easily spend some time in this game of Doodle.

Today's Doodle Game from Google will give the housebound people a different taste!

According to Google, "Covid-19 has affected the whole world. People are spending time with their families at home. With that in mind, we're bringing the old doodle series to our popular Google Doodle games. "

When did Google Doodles start?

Google has been keeping these funny images on its homepage for longer than the original company.

Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin came up with the idea in 1998 when they attended the Burning Man Festival in Nevada. That first doodle stick is as simple as a toy - similar to the Burning Man logo - indicating that the founders behind the second "O" are "out of the office".

From there, the idea of ​​a Google doodle grew. In 2000, Dennis Hwang was asked to doodle for Bastille Day. The doodle was well received by consumers, and since then Google has decided to put Dennis in charge of the project, with the result that doodles appear more frequently on the homepage.

Now, Google has a staff of talented illustrators - called doodlers - coming forward with images appearing on the Google homepage around the world.

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