How To Increase Google Drive Storage Free

Hello friends, and welcome back to our Techno Prokash blog website. Today I will tell you How to Increase Google Drive Storage Free. This tutorial can be very very helpful for you, So read this article carefully and if you have any problem in understanding the article, Be sure to mention it in the comment box. I will definitely help you.

Google Drive space crisis? Does that mean you have run out of 15 GB of space? Now do not understand how to increase the space?

As we know, using Google Drive we can save all our files, photos and videos for life. But the amount of pictures and videos we take in one lifetime can all be stored in Google Drive where the maximum allocation for us is 15 GB! Just pictures or videos on it! We have many more digital files to store.

For those who are very smart, don't save all the pictures or videos, save the most necessary ones, maybe for them. All they do is sort pictures, videos, files and save them as needed.

Again, there are many intelligent people who use multiple free cloud services, including Google Drive. As a result, they get a lot of space and have no problem storing things they need.

But if you only use Google Drive and if you are running out of space to keep things, there are many ways for you to increase the space. Let's find out -

    1.Run Google Drive Storage Inventory

    The first thing you should do before going into the process of increasing space is to give a Google Drive review. Running storage inventory. That is, to see what is in your drive and how much space one of them occupies.

    Go to the link below to see how much space any file in your Google Drive has taken up

    Google drive Space Cheak Now Click Here

    This is a box link to Google Drive. When you click the blue button above, it will take you to the link where you can see every file in Google Drive and its occupied space.

    You can see the name of your file on the left and the occupied space of that file on the right.

    2.Delete files that take a too much Space

    Delete files that take up too much space. However, make sure you don't need them. That is, to increase the space, do not delete the files for which you may have to post later.

    First check which files have taken up more space and which of them you need before but are no longer needed. Only delete files that you find. Even if it takes up more space if it is a necessary file, it would not be wise to delete it.

    3.Duplicate files must be Deleted

    We often mistakenly upload the same file to Google Drive more than once. This may be due to our extra caution. So that we do not lose the file in any way. However, most of the time it is done by mistake.

    You may have made a similar mistake. That is, you may have uploaded the same file over and over again. How do you understand? Go to the link above and check again if there is a file twice or more. If so, delete the rest, leaving one.

    4.Delete unnecessary files

    The digital file that you needed a year ago may not be what you need today. Because, the need for that file has been met long ago. Surprisingly, if you run Drive Inventory, you'll find countless files that used to be very useful, but now aren't. If you want to increase the space of Google Drive in a normal way, then delete all such unnecessary files. However, before deleting a file, think carefully about whether you will need this file again in the future.

    5.Unncssary songs and movies,Delete them

    Many people upload their favorite song or favorite movie to Google Drive which is a big mistake. Because, at present, there is no song or movie that is not available on YouTube or any other platform. So, uploading a movie or song to Google Drive is extremely stupid and wrong.

    If you have made this mistake too, delete that song or movie from Google Drive today. However, if you want to be sure, you can search for that song or movie on other platforms, including YouTube, to see if it is online before deleting it.


    6.Remove Unuse Video & Upload To Youtube

    The digital file that you needed a year ago may not be wHe has uploaded various videos to Google Drive at different times. You may have a lot of memories associated with all these videos. Maybe a video chat with friends, maybe a birthday video of you or another friend or relative. There may be videos of spending time alone with loved ones. There may even be a video involving a sweet memory with mom or dad.

    In general, all these videos are related to the soul we do not want to lose in any way. So, let's try to save them in various ways. One of which is to upload to Google Drive. But where you can put thousands of videos on YouTube for free, why waste Google Drive space unnecessarily.

    Download these videos from Google Drive today and upload them to your YouTube channel. Learn how to open a YouTube channel and upload videos. I think if you upload a personal video on YouTube, everyone will see it! No, you can keep your channel private where no one but you can find them.


    7.Empty The Trash Folder

    The digital file that you needed a year ago may not be wYou may have already deleted many unnecessary files from Google Drive. But did you know that they are still in Google Drive? Yes, all your deleted files are stored in the Trash folder which unknowingly takes up space on the drive.

    So, delete everything from the Trash folder, that is, amputee this folder. It's like a Recycle Bin folder on a computer that needs to be emptied.

    8.Use Google Photos

    Do you keep personal and family photos in Google Drive? Did you know that when we take pictures, they are in Raw format and their resolution is very high? If you put all these high resolution pictures in Google Drive, you will understand that you are playing twelve of the space.

    Download all photos from Google Drive today and upload them to Google Photos. Learn how to use Google Photos and get unlimited space. If you think your photos are relatively large and the quality or resolution is very high, you can go to Google Photos Backup and Sync Settings and restrict them.

    9.Use More than one Gmail Account

    You may have already deleted many unnecessary files from Google Drive. But did you know that they are still in Google Drive? Yes, all your deleted files are stored in the Trash folder which unknowingly takes up space on the drive.

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