Best 25$ Premium Salbuta Blogger Template Free Download 2020

Hello friends and welcome back to our Techno Prokash Blog Website. Today I will tell you Best 25$ Premium Blogger Template Free Download 2020. This tutorial can be very helpful for you, so read this article carefully, and if you have trouble understanding the article, be sure to mention it in the comment box. I will definitely help you .

So today you know Best 25$ Premium Blogger Template Free Download 2020. I'm going to tell you Best 25$ Premium Blogger Template Free Download 2020..

Best 25$ Premium Salbuta Blogger Template Free Download 2020

Last Update Salbula Blog And Responsive theme

Last Update
Created20 April 19
High ResolutionNo
Compatible BrowsersIE11FirefoxSafariOperaChrome All Webbrowser ,Edge
ThemeForest Files IncludedCSS FilesJS Files
DocumentationWell Documented
Tags2 columnsbloggercreativegallerygridmasonrymega menuminimalmodernpersonalphotographyportfolresponsiveretinaslider
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Theme Features

  1. The fully functional 100% Salbuta responds perfectly to performance on all devices including (Desktop PCs, Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones).

  2. RTL Supported by Salbuta supports RTL guidance (demo 1 - demo 2 - demo 3)

  3. UiKit 3 Uses The Salbuta theme is based on the Uikit 3 library which provides a good sense of writing and many other features.

  4. Multiple Styling Styles Salbuta has Gradient, light and dark styles with many options to use.

  5. Custom Setting Salbuta has 4 sending layouts (Default Post with Right Sidebar - Post with Left Sidebar - Full Wide Post Without Writing Sidebar - Post with Full Wide Title). The Full Wide theme can be added to any other 3-style style.

  6. 1 & 2 Columns Salbuta may be set to 1 Column or 2 Columns. Sidebar can be approved or disabled for indexing, posting or static pages or some of them.

  7. The Wavy style Salbuta has a wave that resembles the clay of the head and foot. This can be enabled or disabled as you wish.

  8. Stick Header Salbuta has a Sticky Navigation Header at the top while at school. This can be enabled or disabled as you wish.

  9. The Drop & Mega Menus Salbuta 2 level drops menus with single menus and multiple mega menus to display your favorite labeled posts. You can use Drop Down and Mega Menu as often as possible.

  10. Home Slider Salbuta has a gadget for displaying posts posted on the home page in style 2 (Slideshow - Carousel).

  11. Sybarbar Sidebar Sidebar Previous We have Ginger Sidebar Sidebar on top while we look. This can be enabled or disabled as you wish

  12. Grid Posts View Salbuta has a Grid Post view options to choose between enlarging or shrinking posts. Enlarge posts will show full posts or shrink posts will show only four images in the toolbar. This can be enabled to allow users to customize their favorite or disabled style and choose any style the way you like it. You can also enable or disable redirect to all other posts including Mega posts, posts related to posts posted on the error page. If you enable automatic reduction or user reduction using the view option, the post will also be minimized.

  13. Grid Posts Images Auto Height Salbuta by default has grid posts cropped according to width and height modifiers and have fixed size. You can enable the customize grid post image size to have auto height and cropped according to width modifier only.

  14. Scrolling Salbuta has the option to upload multiple posts to the same page without redirecting to other pages. This can be enabled or disabled as you wish.

  15. Custom pages (label, Archive and Search) Salbuta has blog page layouts (label, Archive and Search). With the option of viewing the grid post.

  16. The Social Wide Icon plugin has a plugin that lets you place links to your social media pages within the Blogger Link List gadget to display social icons.

  17. Customized Social Icons Gadget Salbuta has a plugin that lets you to put your social pages links inside the traditional Blogger Link List gadget to show social icons.

  18. The custom comment comment system for Salbuta posts is built from zero. All parts of Google have been redesigned to provide better design and user performance. It has a box with many good feelings for users. It also supports Disqus comment system.

  19. Custom 404 Page Salbuta has an integrated, fast and easy 404 Page error with some random posts to increase user navigation. This random post can be enabled or disabled as you wish.

  20. Translation Readily Salbuta Blogger has an option to edit all texts used to your preferred words or language. All these texts are gathered together in one place for an easy editing and not scattered throughout the theme.

  21. Full Set of Short Codes Salbuta has a nice hand picked set of short codes including (Tabs “Vertical & Horizontal” – Accordion – Icons – Alerts – Buttons – Tooltips – Carousel – Slideshow – Grid System – Alignment Classes – Blockquotes). All these short codes in the demo are explained inside the Documentation. In addition you can use the other full Uikit 3 Short Codes.

  22. SEO & Adverts Salbuta is SEO optimized and Ads Ready as you can put your ads almost everywhere as (after blog header – below blog footer – in between grid posts – top of post – middle of post – below post)

  23. Structured Data Included Salbuta has a fully correctly added structured data that will enhance your blog search results in all search engines.

  24. Browsers CompatibilityTemplete Salbuta Templete Supports the major web Browsers Including (IE11, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari and all webbrowser support).

  25. Salbuta Blogger Theme Designer Salbuta supports the Blogger Theme Designer to be able to change Font, Link Collor And Hover Effect Colors, Background Collor And pictuer of the theme without any coding knowledge.

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So below, Blogger Template 2020 I will explain to you all about some features of so that when all of you use this theme, you will get the right information and you will be able to customize it properly. 


  1. Fast Load Blogger Template

  2. SEO Ready Blogger Template

  3. Blogger Template Free Download

  4. SEO Responsive Blogger Template

  5. Blogger Templates Free Responsive

  6. Easily Change Footer Credit

  7. Blogger Template For Affiliate Marketing

  8. Fully Unlocked With All Features

  9. Blogger Templates Without Footer Credit

  10. Blogger Template Free Responsive

  11. High Quality Menu

  12. Sub Menu, Drop Down Menu

  13. Blogger Template Premium Free Download

  14. Google AdSense Ready

  15. Blogger Template Ads Ready

  16. SEO Optimized

  17. Blogger Template Adsense Optimized

  18. Footer Credit Changr

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Custom widgets

  1. Popular category harm – show the near popular category

  2. Author field harm – exhibit authors sorted via quantity concerning posts, then with the aid of name

  3. Social counter ruin – a communal face as shows numbers about likes, followers or subscribers

  4. Ad field – approves you to pick out an advert zone (you define the Genial advert zones among our panel)

  5. 25 Blocks

  6. Instagram widget

  7. Weather widget

  8. Exchange widget

  9. Slide

  10. Text with name

© All Rights Reserved Elyza

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How To Install Template In Blogger

Below, I am telling you all about the template that I have given to all of you, the SEO Friendly Blogger Template 2020 and how to install this template in your blog website.

Know ,Below I am telling you all some points that follow them.

  1. First login to Blogger

  2. Go to theme section

  3. Click Backup / Restore Option

  4. Select Your XML Theme

  5. Now Click on install Button

Friends I have told you all these people that you can install any blogger template by following them.

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