The way Newcomers are being Deceived in the hope of Earning Money Online

I have joined
a few Facebook groups over the past few days for marketing our business. Almost all of those group members are new. They may be new to online, so they are working to make money. Those who are older or a little more advanced are regularly posting in those groups.

They are saying in the post, make money online by joining with an ad fee, so many newcomers are joining with their ad fee. In fact, whether they earn or not, they are holding the link of any site and saying that if you work in this way, you will earn. After working for a while, he may get some money, but with that, it is difficult to raise the net bill, let alone his own hard work. Again, many people are not getting payment by working on many sites.

Whether this Online Earning is correct ?

I don't know the exact answer, but I'm telling you from the place where I have been online for the last 6/7 years, it's not a professional job. Think for yourself when you hear from different news or any place that you can earn millions from online but you can or will do it. I know the answer will not be. Because it will never be possible to earn huge amounts from all the work that you are doing. And those who are working with you will also be in danger at some point. Because working as a team never likes Google or any site. How do you think they will understand that we are working as a team? The answer is very simple, Suppose you own a company, what is happening in your company, but you can do everything. Another thing to keep in mind is that Google has been thinking about what you think today for a long time. We know that Google has something called a robot and it is 100 times more powerful than it was ten years ago now. Isn't that why you earned 200/300 rupees by working all day? Will your family survive now with that? Make an account of how much money you spend on your monthly internet, how much time you spend here, how much money you earn. Calculate these things and see if you can afford it. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. And there is a group of people who are showing you the wrong way with fake. I am telling them that they are cheating themselves and others are cheating. Tell me what is the profit earned by doing this, you are spreading your notoriety from the middle. Showing newcomers the wrong way will catch you if they can't do anything. It is seen that sometimes many people are making money by cheating and many people post their pictures in different groups. Is this the work of a good person or is it the work of a deceiver? Does anyone want to introduce himself as a deceiver? I am telling everyone that there is still time to find the right path without stepping on the wrong path.

What should we do now ?

Many may be disappointed to read this post of mine. Many may ask the question, what should we do? First of all ask yourself if you are an interested candidate for online job? If so, get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from being a professional online professional. "We have a lot to offer on this website. You are going to get more by the grace of God." Spend time, learn well, become an expert and you will see that you have got a position in a short time. Hey brother, you have become one after the trouble until you get the position. You want to earn lakhs of rupees from online, don't bother, that's how it is. Brother, if you don't bother, no one will come and hand over the money to you, only those who are earning know what it is like to earn.

Think about it, if you want to get a job, but now you have to pass the minimum SSC, then it takes a minimum of ten years to get that certificate, then the job, then the earnings and then a position. And it is never possible for you to come online today and earn lakhs of rupees from tomorrow. There is also a matter of time, but yes, if you start with the right guide, it does not take ten years to get to a good place in one or two years.

The Right Guide for Newcomers to Earning online :

Suppose you are a good quality graphics designer, web designer, SEO expert, app developer, etc. You can work in different marketplaces with a lot of work on these issues. Take a course from a good IT training center and go to work in a professional way. The work here will seem ridiculous that day. Not only that, if you are not interested in them and want to do something on your own, then you can work on YouTube marketing, CPA marketing, digital marketing, etc. Suppose you have another business or job, you can write and you can do well, then make a website, write there regularly, bring visitors, get a Google Ad-sense app, you will see, you will earn income one day. Don't hire a writer yourself. There is no harm in investing in these. There is no harm in investing here or you are afraid to do it. I have to keep in mind that people will see my thousand-dollar skin sort one day. Anyway, I will talk more another day. If you like it, I hope your opinion in the comments.

So this was our discussion about "The way Newcomers are being Deceived in the hope of Earning Money Online" today, I hope you like this article or you have found out something through this article. If you have benefited from this article, please let us know in the comments. And don't forget to share this article with your friends.


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